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Let Them Eat Cacao!

Associating chocolate with indulgence, passion and creativity is just a taste of what MoRoCo Chocolat wants you to experience upon entering the boutique. Using unrivaled Valrhona chocolate, MoRoCo shows the playfulness that one can find in even the simplest forms of cocoa. Just like a kind in a candy store, you will not want to leave empty handed. Boasting all chocolate products made with Valrhona chocolate, come see all of our decadent creations.

The Gift of Chocolate… a Joy to Give and Receive!


Always fun yet always decadent, the truffles play with new and surprising flavours that tantalize the tongue and intrigue the mind. MoRoCo chocolate lingers on the palate, creates moments of bliss and shows the public how to take pleasure in even the smallest nib of cacao. Use the map to discover your chocolate desire be it dark, milk or white chocolate.
Though dubbed "MoRoCo Chocolat", chocolate is only a branch of what MoRoCo produces. Housed in glass cases are pastel coloured Macarons. Like jewelry in luxurious boxes, the Macarons line up in rows shining brightly at prospective buyers. But look around, the boutique is swarmed with delicious goodies. Find your favorite Macaron Flavour on the Macaron Map.