A Passionate Journey....
That Begins with Chocolate!

Passion, Paris and chocolate – a combustible combination – and the inspiration behind MoRoCo, Toronto’s leading purveyor of luxury chocolate and the city’s most luscious chocolate boutique and lounge!

The owner savored her first taste of traditional French sipping chocolate (“liquid gold’ to her lips!) at the renown Café Angelina’s on Rue de Rivoli.  They recall that the chocolate came to the table in a small pot, complimented by an oh-so-elegant side of fresh whipped cream.

“It was so ceremonial and unique, the memory still lingers on the tip of my tongue – and I dreamed of bringing this experience to Toronto.”

The dream became a reality after years of research that included testing the best chocolate in Europe and the growing North American market.  Further inspiration came from boutiques, salons and lounges around the world that specialize in all forms of chocolate.

The owner forges ahead with a passionate vision that she could produce the finest chocolates and create the most sumptuous environment to enjoy them.  The result: a marriage of old-world sensibility and cutting-edge sophistication.  An entirely new brand of chocolate!

Opened in September 2008, MoRoCo has brought high adventure to chocolate, redefining the familiar and introducing experiences that have set new standards in how consumers enjoy themselves.

MoRoCo’s mission is to provide new opportunities for chocolate lovers and the uninitiated to discover and experience fine chocolate.

The name MoRoCo [Mo-Ro-Co] is a lexicon – Mo for Montana, Ro for Rory & Co for Cocoa.  Montana and Rory are the children and inspiration, of the creator of MoRoCo Chocolat. 

Sweet Tweets

MoRoCo Chocolat is not a nut free environment.

All our products and menu items either contain nuts or have come in contact with nuts. If you have an nut related allergy it is recommended that you do not consume any of our products, either in the restaurant or from the boutique.
Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.